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R3 Stem Cell’s Center of Excellence in greater Seattle (Bothell, WA) provides treatment options that offer patients hope and pain relief. Hope that potentially risky surgery can be avoided, and arthritis and soft tissue injury can be repaired  with the individual then being able do things like swim, hike, play with your kids again, ride a bike and be… Free of Pain!

Existing pain therapies have been great at decreasing pain by masking discomfort in a “band aid” fashion with medications such as narcotics, cortisone, or NSAIDS. These treatments have been great for relief, but they DON’T fix the underlying problem!

For instance, in a study last year, cortisone injections for knee pain were shown to only be effective in 60% of patients on average for 3 weeks. That’s it! We can do better, and we are with regenerative therapies!

Fixing Tissue Injury

So how is the condition truly helped at our stem cell therapy centers in Seattle metro, whether it’s back or neck pain, joint arthritis, achilles tendonitis, golfers/tennis elbow, sports injuries, rotator cuff tendonitis, ligament injury?

Regenerative Medicine at R3 Stem Cell centers has the possibility for restoring normal anatomy by using treatment with stem cells, platelet rich plasma therapy and growth factors to promote a healing response in your own body.

Stem Cells are a veritable “blank slate” and can morph into several types of cells helpful for tissue regeneration depending on the environment in which they are placed.

R3 Stem Cell Treatments

R3 stem cell injection treatments including:Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Research

These are all extremely low risk, outpatient procedures. All of the injections are performed either into joints, soft tissue or IV.

Studies are showing these regenerative therapies to have excellent outcomes in healing injury while reducing pain. For example, several professional sports leagues have approved of PRP and stem cell therapy along with the World Anti Doping Association (WADA).

Pro athletes who have undergone regenerative medicine therapies performed include the likes of Kobe Bryant, Garret Richards, Bartolo Colon, Chris Johnson (Jets), Rafael Nadal, Dwight Howard, Tiger Woods in his prime and many more.

Most patients at our Centers have very realistic objectives. This may include just being able to walk farther, breather easier, play with the grandkids and more easily perform activities of daily living. These are very realistic desires when undergoing a stem cell procedure.

All of the treatments at R3 Stem Cell centers are administered by Board Certified physicians.

Mission Statement

R3 Stem Cell Centers in Bothell WA offer cutting edge regenerative medicine therapies with the possibility of repair, regeneration and restoring damaged tissue. This may offer individuals reduced pain and increases functional ability with outpatient treatments that are low risk and nonoperative. R3 Stem Cell desires to make a difference in patient’s lives by helping them avoid surgery and remain as active as desired.


Dr. Haley Costa


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